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There is no need to be fooled by many if one can get what he wants easily and without any hindrances.

Our China logistic company is an open door to all the customers that want to get high quality products from China!You will never get disappointed about choosing our company!

Our China logistic company make it possible to get the products on the prescribed date so as your plans about the product won’t be delayed anyhow. Our logistics company that operates in China provides high-quality services since the staff knows the responsibility of the service. The high-quality product is not sufficient when the logistics have many drawbacks.We have an experience of many years that allows us to take stable steps towards reaching our main goal-ro please you about our services.

The availability of large warehouses in most of China’s big cities makes it possible to avoid time-consuming preparations about the products thus we always know where to get the products that you need.We provide 3 transportation means-by land, by sea,by air which means that no matter of your current location the order will surely reach on time.

We have the shipping solutions for your every need. We offer guaranteed on time delivery by road, rail and air cargo transportation based on your shipment's destination.

Registered merchant vessels transport goods, depending upon the type of cargo to be shipped and the services required. They can be broken down into 3 main types of vessels: Container ships - used to ship standard 20” and 40” ft. containers; Roll on / roll off vessels- used for the transportation of passenger and haulage vehicles; General cargo ships- bulk carriers.

Ocean Shipping

Air Freight

Ground Transportation